1:1 Counseling

If you’re struggling with a current health issue or seeking a simpler approach to health, come work with me. Sessions are completed online with Skype or Zoom. Note: All online sessions must be paid for BEFORE the start of the session.
Initial Consultation* (75-Minutes)
Follow-up Consultation* (25-Minutes)
Comprehensive Iris Analysis (Report + Consult*)
* Note: These prices DO NOT include cost of herbal protocols.

Initial Consultation

Our first meeting is largely exploratory. Things we’ll cover:

  • What Brings You In (Complaints/Goals)
  • Health History Review
  • Lessons in Physiology
    • Get to Know Your Enemy
    • Physiology-Your Body’s Helpers
    • Reversing the Cause
  • Success Stories (What’s Possible and to Give You Hope)
  • #1 Change to Implement Today
  • Working Together (Individual Wellness Plan, Check-ins, Homework)

Follow-up Consultations

These sessions are used to monitor progress, answer questions and address any issues that may surface. During these sessions, I often suggest complimentary therapeutic modalities or an iris analysis to identify areas that need more support. Your Wellness plan and herbal protocols are updated as needed.


Wellness Clinics

Fruit Fasting
Goal: Learn the benefits of
fruit fasting.

Fruit cleanses the body. This class teaches you the basics of fruit fasting and how to ride the detoxification wave.

Mind Shifts for Success
Goal: Build new habits that support health goals.

This clinic explores how bad habits get programmed in the brain and describes steps to re-align them with health goals.

Release Stuck Emotions
Goal: Release energetic imbalances in the body.

This class teaches a simple process to identify, decode and transmute trapped emotional energies in the body.