Mary Kay’s Story

My story is a familiar one. I was active and healthy throughout life, but sometime during my 40s, I started to decline physically. I took classes about natural health and herbalism, studied my body, experimented with food, botanicals, hormone replacement therapy and exercise. Over time, I started to recognize the diet and lifestyle habits that were weakening my body. The smarter and more diligent I became about eating, plant-based foods and pursuing deeper levels of detoxification, the better the results… the bigger the transformation. Now, in my 60s, I’ve cured myself of liver and adrenal issues, Hashimoto’s Disease, eliminated pain in my joints, and achieved several personal strength records.

Just like bodybuilders build strong, sculpted muscles layer by layer, you can cure yourself of disease and even eradicate a genetic weakness by pursuing deeper levels of detoxification.  Feeling good, traveling, sharing laughs and good times with family and friends…everybody wants that.  That’s my mission…to help you overcome your health challenges so you can enjoy life again.

Education and Credentials

Mary Kay is a health/fitness educator, coach and author. She holds a M.Ed. in Educational Psychology and is a certified Regenerative Health and Detoxification Specialist with herbology and iridology training. She’s also a certified Fitness Coach (aka NSCA-CPT and PPSC)

I know it sounds cliché, but everything is connected.

  • What you think is what you create … in your body and in life
  • When you feel good, you want to do more
  • When you are happy with your health and fitness, you keep doing it
  • When you stop seeking perfection, you start to appreciate ALL the ways that you’re getting better

Now, I imagine myself living into my 90s…staying positive, practicing gratitude, enjoying family and friends, training… serving. It would be my honor to help you.